wow! Today was my first day to high school and wow can I tell you it was different. Today some people were absent so a total of  class was 7. Theres supposed to be 17 of us.  School is very small. 1 thing that i found really interesting is how they separate the class. They don’t put us in grade level it’s a mixture of students. Ex. so far im like the only freshmen in my class. 1 guy in my class is the tallest guy in school he’s 6’5 and I just think that’s amazing! I gotta say so far my favorite part in high school is are work stations. A work station is when the whole school comes together and gets in groups that the students decide there own  groups. My group is, Jesseka, Robert, Victor, Kyle, and Mike. It’s a pretty cool, funny group. The school also does a lot of circle work. Like they like to be sitting in circles and talking. But yeah this is PLI.